About Us

Areca Property Management L.L.C is the provider of intellectual services in real estate field. The primary focus of the company is on providing residential and commercial properties to the client as well as consulting services. ARECA was founded in 2010 and already established itself as a competent and reputed partner capable of providing their clients with required services at maximum efficiency.

Renting or buying property through ARECA you are guaranteed that it will be done according the current law and with focus on your personal circumstances and requirements.Our mission outlines what is important and valuable for us. It is the basis of our work in the company, If after reading this statement you feel that you share our values, it means we have already made a connection. And when you contact us our relationship will be based on mutual trust and understanding.

Areca Mission

– Our services provide positive changes in our clients’ lives.

– Our criterion is our clients‘ perception of first class services.

– We create opportunities to meet our clients’ requirements in real estate property market.

– We respect and understand individual choice of our clients.

Areca Values

We chose the following benchmarks that we use when we work with our clients and develop our company.

Growth – We are able to change and develop our goals further. We strive to improve and to stay up to date with current market trends. We are leaders in understanding of the essence of modern services.

Approach – Our approach is our professional signature that represents our attitude to business and life. It is our creative take on new type of service – first class service.

Trust – This is the result of our work. This is the criterion that we use to measure our professional success. We firmly believe in personal approach and treating our clients as partners